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A Study on Credit Data-Based Poverty Alleviation in Rural Yunnan, China

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来源:Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

摘要:?e main path of development credit funds in rural poverty alleviation in Y province is crucial. ?is paper studies the rural poverty alleviation work in extreme poverty areas in Yunnan and puts forward targeted and instructive policy suggestions for speci?c di?cult areas. Research the relationship between credit resource allocation and rural poverty alleviation. ?e existing research is mainly based on the relationship between ?nancial development and economic growth, income growth, income distribution, and, on the surface, the relationship between the scale of ?nancial development and the e?ciency of ?nancial development and other indicators. ?e purpose is to put forward targeted measures and suggestions on the basis of theoretical research and model analysis to help the Yunnan banking industry support poverty alleviation. ?e results of the study show that there is a causal relationship between agriculture-related loans.